Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Cranberry for Dogs : To Prevent Urinary Tract Infection in Pets

A urinary tract infection is a fungal infection that results in pain, unusual urge to urinate and fever in some cases. Flank pain may also be experienced. The most common cause of urinary tract infections is E. coli bacterium. This bacterium is found in the digestive tract and invades the bladder. E. coli has very small projections containing a substance called lectin on their surface. Lectin causes the bacteria to stick to the bladder wall effectively and resolutely. This prevents them from easily being carried away through the process of urination. This condition needs to be treated quickly before it becomes severe. There are many remedies available to cure it. However, prevention is always better than cure. This is where you can use Cranberry for urinary tract infection – to prevent any such infection from occurring at all. However, before you buy cranberries for your dogs, you need to visit a reliable doctor who can provide guidance on whether cranberry intake will affect any other medication your dog may be currently undergoing.

Cranberries contain proanthocyanidins which are chemicals that attach to the lectin on the small projections of the E. coli. These molecules create a protective barrier in the bladder by filling up the places where bacteria can attach to the bladder wall. This prevents the bacteria from attaching themselves to the wall, thus avoiding infection. Cranberries can be used for treating urinary tract infection in other animals too. Cranberry for dogs can be highly effective if they develop such an infection frequently. Once you have checked with the veterinarian then it is alright to give cranberry to your dog. Dogs contract urinary tract infections the same way people do – bacteria from their digestive tract can invade their urinary tract and set up an infection. This is more common in female dogs but male dogs can get these infections, too. Cranberry for dogs works as an effective preventive measure. These berries make urine more acidic, making it more difficult for bacteria to thrive in the bladder. It can also keep bacteria from sticking to the bladder walls and infection will be less likely.

It is essential to get rid of urine crystals that may have formed inside the dog’s bladder and prevent formation of new crystals. If left untreated, they can become bigger deposits and make urination very painful and difficult for your dog. The lack of adequate urination leads to urinary tract infections. Since cranberry for dogs increases the acidity of the urine, it can also prevent the buildup of urine crystals inside your dog’s bladder and by implications, prevent urinary tract infections.

However, you must never use cranberry for dogs as a substitute for antibiotics. Also, an excess of cranberry can cause bleeding and diarrhea to the dog. This is why it is so essential to follow the vet’s instructions completely before you feed cranberry to the dog. The internet is the best source to find more information on the benefits of feeding cranberry to your dogs.

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